Target class

Start date and expected end date

Expected outcome





PGT Biology

Amassing health as wealth

I to XII 

Session 2017-18

Physical , Social and  mental health will be improved .

Entire school shall be divided into diff groups and given physical training on music and song to instill a love for physical exercise combined with pleasure and interest.

Mr. Sandeep Acharaya

Revision organic



2nd nov to 15th nov

Students will be able to understand different concept of organic chemistry

1.quiz question

2.differentiation question

3.give reason



 PGT Bio

Cactica& herbal garden development in the school campus






To 28.03.2017

Students would learn to keep the environment given and learn the importance of plants,their medicinal value

The project is in progress.cactica has already been developed but wide varieties of cactica need to be planted .few edicinal plants have already been planted .more would be added current.plaeards of plants came plants have been made & by the end of

Academic session the same would be made for all plants planted in the school campus

Mrs Surinder Kumar



1. Archemede’s principle.

2.newton’s iii law of motion experiment






The students will come to know the facts /principlle.experimentally which they study theortically in books

1.archemede’s principle- shows that when a body is immersed in a liquid , it loses its weight every action there is equal and opposite  reaction


Mr.Sanjay Kumar

PGT Math

Differential equation


22/10/2017 to 29/10/2017

Identification of linear differential equation

If the differential equation contains only one y , it is a linear differential equation. However, if it contains only one x it is a linear differential equation.

Ms. Anshu Sharma


Map world india

Make atlas our best friend




July 15-march 17

Ability to locate (physical) place on the world map and ability to locate , fill places on the map of india

Everyday identification of 2 features on the world and 2 features on the map of india.

Quiz among groups boys/girls

Seprate list of places /features learnt in a folder.

Fill there features in the map

Mrs. Rajani Arora

PGT Comp. Sci.

Web page designing using html

IX CLASS            AND X    CLASS

1.11.2017 to 31.3.2017

The students will be able to develop their own website.

The website will have all html tags coding with examples  to incorporate in the designing of the  web pages.

Mrs. Shashi Bala





Session 2017-18

Students will be able to converse fluently in english




Mr. S.N Jha


पुरुष लिंग वचनम् विभक्ति उपसर्ग :  प्रत्यय :

कक्षा षष्टी अ,, सप्रमी अ,ब अष्टमी अ,

अप्रैल 2017: से फरवरी 2017

बारम बारम अभ्यासम कुरु|

बार बार छात्रों को अभ्यास करवाया जायेगा

गृहकार्य परियोजना कार्य शब्द रूप धातु रूप १० प्रत्यय उद्हरण आनुकूल तैयार करना|

Ms. Mukta Sharma




Spoken eng

Creative writing skills

Slow learner’s retention power

6 B


8 B

9 A

10 B

April 2017 to march 2017

Students should be able to improve their english speaking, reading and writing skills . Slow learners should be able to score good grade.

Students are divided into groups. The groups conduct to word dictations to revise previous day’s lesson and complete in class activities.



विद्यार्थियों के हस्तलेखन को सुधारना |

कक्षा छठी से कक्षा दसवीं |

अप्रैल 2017 से फरवरी २०17

हस्तलेखन में सुधर होगा |

.        लेखन का निरंतर अभ्यास

.        सुधार  करने के ढंग बताकर |

Mrs. Renu Batra

 Tgt Supw

Traffic rules and signals


13.10.2017 to 30.3.2017

Students will learn the basics of traffic along with gaining knowledge how to read instruction on road.

1.       Scrap book

2.       Identification of types of instructions through boards.

Mrs. Manjit kaur


Primary Classes

Students of Class V-B were allotted the duties to check the uniforms , shoes , hairs , belts and nails . They are checking the primary students after entring the school gate . They also check , whether the the students are walking in lines . After checking the students report to the H.M. and concerned teachers .Some students are allotted duties to check the cleanliness of washrooms . Others are performing duties to check the electric appliances in classes during prayer time , recess time and after the last period . All are performing their duties sincerely . This helps to develop habit of responsibility and hard work in students

Mrs. Sukhjit Kaur




Develop self confidence

Develop good and healthy food habit.

Develop moral values



April 2017 to till date

Students will develop self confidence among themselves

Good and healthy food habits.

Good moral valus are developing among students

Practise makes a man perfect

Mrs. Raksha Sharma  


How to improve Communications Skills?


VA + B

April 2017 to till date

A)     students started Project name-          poken English (Raksha Sharma PRT

Speak, Speak, Speak! Be patient.  This is not one day process.  Restrict yourself to simple and small sentence. Talk slowly and carefully. Practice is must. Watch English shows, English news and read simple small stories. 

Be confident and speak as often as possible. Don't shy to make mistakes. Remember speaking is a skill like learning a  musical instrument  or new sport- the only way you can get good is actually do it.A-Smart phone can be a powerful tool.Use it to record yourself speaking and then listen.B Read aloud 

C Make friends with English speakers

D Do interesting activities in English E Use a dictionary.And in last think and talk in English.  Practice Practice and Practice.

 Where there's will, there is a way

Language is not target.

Thjere is wisdom in the old saying practice makes the man perfect

Mrs. Sunita Jolly  


Mental maths


Spoken english




Students will be able to compute mentally and learning of form funda-mental operation.

Improvement of handwriting with proper strokes and enable to speak in english

To enable to overcome the phobia of maths.

Learning of proper hand writing.

Able to communicate in english

Mr. Mohan Singh, PRT

सुलेख शब्द रचना |



 Session 2017-18

 Writing skills imporvement of the students 

सुलेख माला पर अभ्यास |



सही मात्रा और सही बनावट |



 31.03.2016 to

 oct   2017

हस्त लेखन में हेतु जागरूकता उत्पन्न करना | छात्रों की सपष्ट , सुन्दर तथा शुदा लेखन मैं रूचि विकसित करना |

अक्षर बनावट  शब्द कोष तथा उनके अर्थ संवाद बोलना ,अभिनयात्मक कला को विकसित करना |   कविता कहानी चुटकले आज का विचार इत्यादि का संग्रह |



अणुव्रत गीत , संस्कृत प्राथना |



अक्तूबर १ ३१ अक्तूबर

 Student's concentration would be enhanced

 Songs written on black board.



Listening attentively and developing good communication skills.

Class I

Session 2017-18

Students will develop the habbit of listening attentively and giving relevant responses.

Listening attentively plays very important role in communicating effectively. It is also very important to gain knowledge and information. Specially children of class 1 are very restless and they have very short span of attention as compared to children of higher classes so it becomes very important to instill this habbit of listening carefully  and responding actively among them . Following steps could be taken to achieve the same-

1.        Stories are enjoyed a lot by children . Children can be told good stories as per their interest and later questions could be asked based on it.

2.        A short activity of 5-6 minutes can be conducted at the beginning of each day by asking questions based on what all they heard in the assembly.

3.        Games like Chinese whispers can be conducted.

4.        Conversations  between two could be planned and executed- like – A bat talking to a Ball.




Introducing scientific temperament among students .


     IV A

MARCH 2017

To create interest in students in scientific attitude and to make a science as an interesting subject.

Project implemented by doing simple and interesting experiments in class rooms as well as in the assembly.



Good habits . Healthy Food



MARCH 2017

Students will follow good habits in their life .

Reward and appreciation for deserving children who show good habits and follow them

Ms. Lalita




Nov1 to nov 30

Addition, substraction , solve the related problems

Magic square

Mrs. Chhavi Dhaliwal

Arithmetic progression


Nov1 to nov 30

How they find the number and sum of series.

Using paper sheet cutting.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar TgtS.Sc

Rivers of india


Session 2017-18

Origin place , importance of rivers ,  project - ganga

Origin of rivers , states covered by rivers, different type of projects on the rivers, conflict on rivers, namoniganges - cleaniness project,              nadi-jodo - project.

Mr. Tribhushan Sharma Tgt Hindi

Hum PanchiUnmuktgaganKe


Session 2017-18

Poem Reading in rhythm with meaning, Understanding of difficult words, Knowledge of various birds in India

Knowledge of different kind of birds in India and Other places. Passion about aim to be acheived is to be inculcated through this project among students.

Mrs. Pallavi  Tgt Sci

 Plants Physiology

IX A, IX B, X A, XB 

 Session 2017-18

 Plants - different parts with their importance and funcitons.     

 Different parts of plants are to be shown to students with their importance for the bearing of fruit.

Mrs. Shashi  PGT English

Moral Values


 Session 2017-18

 To inculcate moral values in students with our culture

 Debate on moral values conducted.Group discussion,story tellingcomperition  conducted to enhance moral character of students.

MR. Sunil Mishra  PGT Hindi

व्यक्तित्व विकास

 ग्यारहवीं - ,,  

 बारहवीं - ,,  

 Session 2017-18

पाठ्य पुस्तक के माध्यम से मानवीय गुणों को समझकर हृदयंगम करवाना और जीवन के प्रत्येक क्षण का रसास्वादन करना सिखाना |

पाठ्य पुस्तक की हर विषय-वस्तु को अपने-अपने दैनिक जीवन, रहन-सहन, परम्पराओं  और आचार-व्यवहार के परिप्रेक्ष्य में समझना और आनंदमय जीवन जीने की कला विकसित करते हुए व्यक्तित्व विकास करने में सक्षम बनाना |

Mr. Anup



 Analysis of skills,knowledge of test battery and lead up activity drills.


 Session 2017-18

 Students will be able to analysis their skill and their defects.Thus with better understanding,they will show their best performance.

 Students will perform on their various physical fitness components test battery and will analysis their skills as well as recreate themselves with lead up activites.

Mrs. Meenu Rani 

PGT Economics

Different Bank Interest Rates


 Session 2017-18

 Students will be able to calculate and keep a watch on bank interest rates and know about investment in the financial matters.

Students are motivated to visit nearest Banks, going through newspapers, Magazines and keep a watch on bank interest rates and know about investment in the financial matters.

Ms. Meenu


TGT Drawing

Poster Making and different type of decoration

 VI to X

 Session 2017-18

 Students will be able to decorate anything with different color and different material in a creative way.

Students are motivated to create cutting material, poster making, card making and different decorative items to enhance the inbuilt creativity.



PGT Comm

VIsit to Mall , Bank and a company.


 Session 2017-18

 Students will be able to collect data pertaining to business for preparing cash flow statement.

They will be able to have practical knowledge reg, Drafts, Cheques, different account transaction.

Students will be motivated to fill pay-in-slips, cheques and diff. bank proformas .        

Mr.Gurdeep Singh



II B         

 Session 2017-18

Drill of tables during the assembly time. Use of tables in daily life.Students will stay back after assembly for five minutes for drill of tables . Classwise students come on the stage and speak table loudly all other students will speak behind him/her.Use of tables in classes for solving the sums of product,division and simplification

. . For mental devolpmemt some quize related to tables will also be done. Games of learning tables also help the students to overcome the difficulties of tables.



To create interest in students towards English language and to increase the speed in reading and writing


Session 2017-18

Ø  Students will able to read correctly with intonation and correct pronunciation.

Ø  To develop reading habit.

Ø  To develop the habit of writing with cursive hands.

Reading competency is the level of understanding a subject has achieved in regards to written text. Reading comprehension works together with writing comprehension as the two subjects work simultaneously with one another. Proficient reading competency includes the ability to quickly recognize and analyze words and understand the cognitive concepts behind the words. Vocabulary plays a significant part in reading competency as it allow for an expansion of terms in one's dialect and it assists with word and sound association. Following steps could be taken to achieve these targets.

§  Children are given short paragraphs to read and then comprehend.

§  They are asked to bring a small news paper clipping from the magazines section of the news paper.

§  Value based sentences are given to improve cursive handwriting.

§  Reading some stories form Panchatantra.







Face a Book

The Summer Reading project

Face a Book (FaB) is a summer reading programme to promote reading habit and develop information literacy skills during the summer holidays (May-June), followed by continuous and yearlong activities to evaluate its effectiveness.


 The basic objectives of the project are,

1. to inculcate reading habit among the students during summer vacation;

 2. to develop critical reading skills like comprehension, speed, note taking and referencing;

 3. to encourage critical thinking, innovation and creativity;

 4. to develop information literacy skills;

 5. to develop the abilities to use social media effectively;

6. to develop basic research skills;

 7. to improve self-confidence and presentation skills;

8. to make the students lifelong readers and learners.

            The Project is conceived in a phased manner as detailed below.



i. The registration to join the project will open on 1st April 2018 in school library

ii. The participants will be divided in to two groups (Age 11-14 and Age 15-17), and honoured with the title ‘FaB Challenger’.

 iii. Each FaB Challenger will be given with anFaB Book which will be selected from the Library based on its content and the age of the participants.



i.                     During vacation, the Challenger has to read the Book comprehensively and write a review. (mail it to

ii.                    Each FaB Challenger has to prepare a scrap book titled as “My Little Book on_______”, with a review of the selected book, author profile, bibliography (list of books by the author or written on the book), character sketches, new words/phrases, drawings, paintings, quizzes, quotations, images, comments, references, etc. The scrap book shall be submitted at the time of reopening and will be exhibited in the Library.

iii.                  A one minute video (Book Talk) of the FaB Challenger will be shot in which he/she has to present a review or his/her impression of the book. The videos will be uploaded on to the school website.

iv.                 The FaB Challengers have to prepare and present an item (skit, reviews, role plays, quiz, song, etc.) based on the book in the School Assembly.


i.                     A FaB Challenger will act as an authority of the particular book and the author. Anyone could challenge (literally) the knowledge The Summer Reading Programme by the Library of KendriyaVidyalaya GC CRPF Pinjore 2017-2018 of the Challenger by asking questions. (This will be announced in the assembly).

ii.                    All FaB Challengers will be honoured with ‘Fab Challenger’ chest badges and participation certificates. Their details will be displayed along with photographs on the school website and library bulletin boards.


i. All FaB Challengers will be evaluated throughout the Project period and graded accordingly. Based on the performance they will be awarded at the end of the project.


i. All activities under the project will be evaluated by a group of teachers (team members) at specific intervals. The main grading indices will be,

a) Book review (to assess the level of critical thinking, writing skills and comprehension);

b) Scrap book (to assess information literacy skills, imagination, creativity, innovation, note taking and referencing);

c) Assembly programme (to assess presentation skills, confidence and organizational abilities);

d) Book Talk (One minute video on the Book) to assess creativity, presentation skills, speaking skills, etc.). Participants will be graded and first three from each group will be rewarded.